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Written By: Jeremy Camp

In less than 30 years, business and financial reporting has come a long way. Our Garcinia Cambogia Radio format is responsible for a lot of these changes. The time and attention paid to business news has grown exponentially. Twenty years ago 25 million Americans owned stock. Today that number has more than doubled to 60 million American stockholders. The number of mutual funds has grown from 800 to well over 8,000, rivaling the number of individual stocks.

Increased ownership brings increased demand for information. At the New York Stock Exchange, CNBC and CNN duke it out for the audience share alongside reporters from around the globe. The print media also are major players in financial news and have profited from its increased popularity. The Wall Street Journal now publishes editions in both Asia and Europe. And witness Bloomberg LP, which already provides a financial news service on radio and television and offers Web access to market information on demand.

Obesity has become a great issue throughout this new century. Many obese people simply have a lack of motivation to work out or eat a well-balanced diet. They often indulge in overeating, hence, they never loses their weight. A supplement that makes weight loss easy is just what is needed to fight obesity. Garcinia can do just that. It is a dietary supplement that tagged as a magical diet solution.

Great things have been said on websites and social media pages about this product. These supplements help you experience a sudden loss of weight without doing any huge effort of working out and strict dieting. This is what most people really want. You don’t need to work hard for your loss; all you need to do is take this supplement at the proper dosage and at the right time. You will then be amazed at how much you can slim down in just 3-5 weeks. However, this supplement shouldn’t be taken for a long period of time, no more than 6 months.

Garcinia Cambogia comes from a natural fruit found in Southeast Asia. The hydroxycitric acid in it is found in the rind of the fruit and is the main cause of weight loss for customers. The said acid helps in increasing your serotonin levels which is the chemical in the brain that makes you feel good about yourself. With this increase of serotonin, it will help you control your emotional appetite towards food, thus, it helps you avoid unnecessary amount of food intake. Aside from that, the acid actually helps in burning the fat in your belly. So both factors can really have a major effect in your body. Aside from losing weight, Garcinia Cambogia also helps in detoxification of your body. It helps you maintain a healthy immune system and also increase the level of your metabolism. When you have an increase level of metabolism, the burning of fats in your body will be faster than usual.

Taking Cambogia will help you get a sexier body and a positive outlook in life. It will help those who are obese or overweight a hope or even a dream to change. And there is still room for a transformation in their lives. They can be healthier than ever by using this product.

The general consensus is that the audience consists of financial and investment professionals but the reality is that the public cares about business, the public cares about the markets, and they especially care when something dramatic happens, such as when their company gets merged or the market moves a few hundred points.

It’s an upscale educated audience increasingly broad in its composition. These are listeners engaged in the economy and society. They need to know what is happening in terms of government policy, markets, Geoeconomics and Geopolitics. It’s a demanding audience. It includes people of a broader range, people who are interested in foreign affairs and who need to know what’s going on around the world.

There is a market for business and finance programming on over the air radio, and it is gradually being proven in major in medium markets alike. Local and area financial information is coupled with news from U.S. and world markets. Networks to service the stations have been developed by Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal, providing tremendous resources and credibility. WBIS is affiliated with all of these networks on exclusive basis in the Baltimore market.

» Every business has problems. Lots of them! Being in business today means facing a never-ending barrage of challenges. It’s more than just keeping up with the deluge of new products, suppliers, pricing, and competition. It’s also dealing with issues like branding, channels of distribution, perception of value, and the list goes on. Your budget is limited and the question is, where will your marketing and advertising dollars do the most good?

» You want logical strategies and easily executed tactics that will help you maximize your available budget, target your best prospects, reach more affluent customers, build and enhance your image, influence ultra-busy consumers, and break through the advertising clutter.
You need Business Radio 1190.

In the attempt to keep up with all the factors that affect your daily business, you may have overlooked the fact that business radio is the most targeted, cost efficent, image building, break-through medium available to you today.

Here is a map of our current coverage area.

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Why Business Radio Works

Foreground Programming

Listeners tune into business radio for information they want and need. Our audience is actively and attentively listening to our broadcasts. This insured that your message is heard and acted on.


Timely news and market reports provide our audience with a reliable source of information they count on. They listen for extended periods and tune in frequently throughout the day.

Quality Demographic

Business radio listeners are upper income and high net worth adults. They are decision-makers who seek opinions, advice, and information to formulate purchasing decision. They are receptive to your message and have the means and authority to respond.


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